after 22 years we welcome you to our last season with huskies at BIRK - book your tour today!

Day tours with our huskies

Our day tour is normally between 20 and 30 kilometers long. A hands on adventure where you as our guests get to harness up your team and share sleds together two and two. One running the sled, one sitting in. After the tour you give a snack to your dogs and put them back on their kennels. The guides will then serve you a meal in our Sami lavvu and have a chat around the bonfire. 

Transfers to and from BIRK is included in the price on set times. It is possible to pre-book single sleds on this tour.

Around 5-6 hours in total including the transfers.
Minimum 2, maximum 8 guests per tour.

Price FROM: 3400 NOK per person including transfers on set times.

Evening tour with our dogs and a night in our cosy guesthouse

An evening tour with our dogs, hunting the northern lights and a night in our guesthouse after dinner.
The tour is between 10 and 20 kilometers depending on snow and weather conditions. This is also a hands on tour wher two and two guests share one sled, one running the sled, one siting in. You may alternate who runs the sled during the tour. After the sledding and puting the dogs back on their kennels we will serve dinner for you in the Sami lavvu. If you like to use the transfer set up for the our tours you also need to spend the night in our cosy little guesthouse. You will be served breakfast here before the transfer takes you back to Kirkenes the next morning.  

Minimum 2, maximum 8 guests per tour.

Price FROM: 3800 NOK per person including transfers on set times.

Overnight tours, 2 nights at our wilderness cabin

We arrange the best weekend tours with our dogs. Join in on a tour where you and our guides work with the dogs and do the real Arctic living the old fashion way together. The tour goes to our wilderness cabin where there is no running water or electricity - but very cozy!
Three days of sledding, two nights at the cabin with sauna, bonfires, good food and a lot of laughter.
Pick up at the airport Fridays at 11.00-11.30am. We do recommend a night or two in our guesthouse at the base after tour before you return to Kirkenes.

Minimum 2, maximum 8 guests per tour.

Price FROM: 8900 NOK per person including transfers on set times.

Overnight tour, 1 night with huskies and hammocks in the forest

A new tour of this year is our wilderness tour where we go out with sleds and bring all we need for a night in the forest.
This is a hands on tour as well where you as guests help out with all the work needed to be done and run your own sled with 3-4 dogs each. We will make a camp both for the dogs and us. We will make food over the fire and sleep in hammocks.  Breakfast for both dogs and humans before we start our way home the next day.  We end the tour with warm lunch in our Sami lavvu after the tour. 

Minimum 2, maximum 4 guests per tour.

Price from: 5900 NOK per person including transfers on set times.

Wagon tour with our huskies

During the fall BIRK offers wagon tours to our guests staying in our guesthouse.
From the kennel we do a tour of around 4 kilometres, this can be prolonged with several rounds. 

As our guest you get to help out harnessing up the team that you as two and two guests will run with a wagon where one person run the wagon and one sit in. After tour you give the dogs a snack and put the dogs back on their kennels. 

Lunch or one course dinner depending of the time of day in our Sami lavvu is included.

Minimum 1, maximum 5 guests per tour.

The wagon tours are availble when temperatur is low enough  (under 12-14 degrees celcius) in May and beginning of June, and from August/September to the snow arrives in October/November.

Price FROM 1300 NOK per person.
Transfer to/from BIRK is not included in the price.

Kennel visit

All year round we offer kennel tours to guests not going out on tour with us. A guide will be with you into the kennel where you can say hello to all of the dogs and the guide will tell you a bit about running a sled dog kennel, tours, food and so on. 

How many dogs that will be home will vary as we are a lot out training and on tours with guests.

Price 150 NOK per adult. Two children under the age of 12 years free of charge per paying adult.