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Snowmobile safari from BIRK

Snow mobile tour from our base at BIRK.
Join in on a exclusive tour only for our guests, minimum 2, max 6 guests per tour.
You do not need to drive in a quee of many guests.
Run the snowmobile at the border river dividing Norway and Russia. Licence needed.

“Snowmobile action at the border?”
A tour for the ones that does not care for a whole day out on the snowmobile and do not want to que up with a lot of other guests – this is the taste for you.
Minimum 2, maximum 6 guests.

For our guests staying for several days in our guesthouse we now can offer a taste of snowmobiling along the Russian border.
The tour will go along the official snow mobile track that is running past our base.
Two people per snow mobile.
Driver’s license needed, you must also be over the age of 16 to run the snowmobile.

In the north of Norway a lot of people have a snowmobile. Some for recreation, some for doing practical work such has collecting fire wood from the forest.
Many of our guests would like to have a little taste of this action and we now offer this via one of our partners with start from our base at Melkefoss.


- Equipment such as snow suite (8 years to size XL), shoes (EU size 36 to 46), helmet and gloves
- Two guests share one snowmobile, alternate on running the snowmobile
- Tour starts and ends at the base of BIRK husky

Price: 2900 kr per person from 12 years and older, 1800 kr per child under the age of 12 years
Duration: approximately 2 hours

Fun fact:
It is around 55.000 snowmobiles in Norway, most of them in the very north of the country.
Out of 431 municipalities in Norway – it is only legal to run a snow mobile in 24 of them.

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  • 19 April 11:00
  • 20 April 11:00
  • 21 April 11:00
  • 22 April 11:00
  • 23 April 11:00
  • 24 April 11:00
  • 25 April 11:00
  • 26 April 11:00

Product attributes

  • Suitable for families
  • Medium
  • Barn