The arctic life with sled dogs.
After 22 years of offering sleddog adventures to guests from all over the world, we welcome you to our last season sledding. It is a time for everything, for us the dogsled tours comes to an end late April 2024.

Before this we would love to offer you an adventure with our huskies during a beautiful day tour, or maybe hunting the northern lights with the sleds during the night? Our tours are exclusive, as we take out a maximum amount of 8 guests on each tour. In difficult these times we do think this is the way to go. Small peaceful places as ours gives you the chance to fill up energy and think of what is important in life. 

Maybe you are a bird lover? In Pasvik you can find more than 250 different ones and we do cater for many of them on our bird feeders.

Pasvik is the beautiful southern part of the Varanger region, the perfect place to discover nature and especially the Aurora Borealis - northern lights. We do see the Aurora from September to beginning of April. But our winter season last all the way to late April. After a few weeks of melting and what we call spring-winter we suddenly have two months of midnight sun from around 20th of May. Then you can be outdoor all day and night, making the most out of it! BIRK is a perfect place to host you for your adventure alone or with some of our guides. 

BIRK rents out both fat bikes, cross country skis and snow shoes. We will do our best to make you the best tour to the Arctic region during your stay here at BIRK.

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