Trine, founder and manager

Trine is the founder and manager of BIRK. BIRK was established in 2004 and is the oldest company offering husky tours in our region.
Trine is educated as a teacher and she is teaching full time in 1st to 3rd grade at Kirkenes primary school in addition to managing BIRK. As manager she does all the office work such as emails, bookings, planning of tours BIRK will offer, guides and all the shopping in addition to the economy. 

To be a gründer in the north east of Norway can sometimes be a lonely job, this is why Trine find it rewarding to work full time as a teacher with a lot of great colleges as well. She thinks it is a positive profit on many levels of life.

Running BIRK has become a way of life for Trine and her husband Tor. All guides live around the family home where the cabins and guesthouse also are located and tours starts. 

All the kids in the family has moved out, some working and some still under education. They all do however still contribute to BIRK whenever they can in many ways, everything from using the excavator to flatten out the kennel every fall, make food for guests, do tours or others. 

BIRK is located right at the Norwegian - Russian border with Russia only a few meters away to the east and Finland a few kilometers away in the west. 

In addition to the family we do have 5 guides here for our last winter season 23-24. All of them traveling up to the north to have a different adventure of a lifetime.