Bird watching at BIRK

We have for many years had several bird feeders running year round, in addition do we have plenty of bird boxes all over the valley.
Our bird watcher guests can sleep well here at BIRK, have access to kitchen for self catering and enjoy the birdfeeders around here.

There are registration of more that 250 different birds in our valley. On our wilderness feeder we have a high success rate on Siberian Tit, Pine grosbeak and Siberian Jay.

From late February to mid April we do offer to run you in to our wilderness feeder in a sled behinde the snowmobile. Grill lunch around the outdoor camp fire included in the tour.

For guests not spending the night at BIRK we charge 150 kr per person for staying around here using our location as a photo station. Please pre book your stay.

Snowmobile transfer to our wilderness feeder

We do have a wilderness feeder around 10 km from BIRK running duing the whole wintersweason. Here you have a good chance of seeing both Sibiran Tit, Pine Grosbeak, Siberian Jay and other birds from late February and out the winter season in end of April.

We do offer trnasfer with snowmobile  to the feeder. There will be up to 8 individual guests at the feeder each day. Groups can be larger, then no individual guests will be booked in.same day.

Price per booking
1000 kr per person, minimum 3000 kr per booking.

Transfers to and from BIRK

BIRK do have good deals with our local taxi that offers transfers to and from BIRK.

The transfer time from Kirkenes to BIRK is around 1 hour into the valley along the border river that divides Norway and Russia.

Prices FROM 1700 NOK one way for 1-4 persons. 

All transfers must be booked minimum 2 days in advance.

Make sure you do all your shopping before you have your transfer to us. It is 12 km to our local shop, so it is not easy to get supplies during your stay if you do not have a car.

Fat bike rental

Fatbikes may be used all year round. We do have a 3 bikes you may rent during your stay here. You can bike along the regular road, the dirt roads or along the snow mobile tracks. The wold is your oyster. Do a tour on your own. 

We only have adult bikes.

Price from 400 NOK per person a day.

Snow shoe rental

You may rent snow shoes here at BIRK. Do a tour totally on your own in the nature around us. 

Price from 400NOK per person a day.

Cross country ski rental

Would you like to try some cross country skiing while you stay here with us? We do rent out the equipment for it. 

Limited amount of shoe sizes. 

Price from 400NOK per person a day

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